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What is Traffolyte?

Traffolyte which is sometimes spelt “traffolite” was a brand name for a multi-layered phenolic plastic sheet which is suitable for engraving. Commonly used for tags, labels and signage. The first known use of the material is back in 1927 when it was produced by Metropolitan-Vickers electrical Ltd based in Manchester UK. It is a multi-layered plastic sheet – each layer is a different colour so that when engraved the second layer of colour is exposed.

Benefits include

  • Low Cost
  • Any shape or size
  • Large range of background and text colours.
  • Weather resistant
  • Various mounting options including adhesive backing or screws.

Industries that use traffolyte

  • Electrical contractors
  • Switchboard manufactures.
  • HVAC Installation
  • Plumbers

  • Construction
  • Engineers
  • Refrigeration

  • Mining
  • Solar
  • Property Management

About TUFFA™ Products

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TUFFA™ Products are specialists in printing Safety Tags and Safety Products. TUFFA™ Products works with a variety of freight providers throughout Australia to get goods delivered to you fast. If you have a strict time frame, we recommend calling our office on 02 6895 3347 to discuss express delivery options.

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