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Pre-Start Checklist For Overhead Cranes

Hazards are present everywhere and we encounter them every day. These may come from various sources. In our workplace, a hazard can be in a form of any material, substance, source of energy, condition, process, practice, behavior, etc. that can cause potential damage or harmful effects on an employee, asset, or environment. Most people use risk as an alternative term for hazard which results in confusion. While hazard is the source of potential harm, a risk is a chance or probability that a person, property, or environment will experience adverse effects brought by the exposure from the hazard.

Workplace safety is of paramount importance. Of course, the main goal of having a safe workplace is to ensure that all employees are free from any injuries or illnesses. Other than this, however, a safe and healthy workplace is also advantageous to your business because it reduces absenteeism among employees thereby increasing the quality and productivity of work done. In addition, an accident leads to additional expenses such as injury/illness costs, if employees are affected. Meanwhile, an additional maintenance or repair cost is expected if equipment or machine is damaged.

There are various procedures to control and mitigate hazards and risks. One of them is by using pre-start checklists. In this blog post, we will discuss what a pre-start checklist is and how it can be used to reduce risks associated with overhead cranes.

What is a Pre-Start Checklist?

A pre-start checklist is a list of items that need to be considered or done before using any vehicle or equipment. Normally, it is the operator who is tasked to perform standardized routine inspection and complete a pre-start checklist before operating the vehicle or equipment. The main objective of performing a pre-start check is to detect defects and hazards at an early stage.

A typical pre-start checklist may include information about:

  • Exterior/interior condition of the vehicle/equipment
  • Mechanical system
  • Electrical system
  • Fluid level
  • Fire safety devices
  • First aid kits

Overhead Cranes and their Hazards
Overhead cranes are essential to various industries including automotive and transportation, aviation, concrete and metal manufacturing, power plants, and shipbuilding. Like any equipment, overhead cranes pose different hazards like failing loads, electrical hazards, crane overload, etc.

Pre-Start Checklist for Overhead Cranes
Pre-start checklists for overhead cranes normally include a walk-around inspection, machinery inspection, operator cab inspection, and operation inspection. These inspections cover information such as the items enumerated above, in a typical pre-start checklist.

Tuffa Products Overhead Crane Prestart Book

To further visualize how a pre-start checklist can reduce risks associated with overhead cranes, it is important to understand first overhead crane hazards.

1) Failing loads

Failing load hazards can occur due to reasons like two-blocking, slipping of materials, mechanical failure, etc.

Two-Blocking – a pre-start checklist may include inspecting the anti-two blocking system of the overhead crane.

Slipping of materials – the operator conducting the pre-start check also verifies if there are any loose materials or parts that may cause loads from slipping.

Mechanical Failure – in a pre-start inspection, various mechanical parts and any signs of cracks, wear, or deformation are checked.

2) Electrical Hazards

Batteries, electric motors, electric panels, electrical guards and enclosures, exposed electrical hazards, etc. are normally included in a pre-start checklist. Ensuring all these items are in good condition before using the overhead crane helps reduce any accidents related to electricity like electrocution, fire, etc.

3) Crane Overload

An overhead crane should have overload protective devices that temporarily inhibit the hoist when the load exceeds a certain capacity (usually 100-125% of rated capacity).

These overload protective devices can be in a form of mechanical, electrical, or both. Hence, incorporating the inspection of mechanical and electrical systems of an overhead crane during a pre-start check can also help prevent crane overload.

Tuffa Products, the designer and manufacturer of unique safety tagging systems to a global client base, offers affordable pre-start checklists for various vehicles or equipment including overhead cranes. You may check our Prestart & Safety Print section to know more about our pre-start checklists. For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us!

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