Custom Tags – Designed to your Requirements

TUFFA™ Products are specialists in custom designing and manufacturing custom tags. Our experienced team has worked with major companies all around the world to design site specific custom tags. From custom shapes to a variety of colours, sequentially numbered tags and tear off perforated tags – we have done it all before.

Benefits of Custom Tags

  • Custom Design: all tags are professional designed to your requirements. We can design your tag to include your company logo, phone number, website and specifics messages.
  • Can Handle Extreme Environments: TUFFA™ Tag are designed for outdoor extreme environments – commonly used on mining / construction sites and offshore and onshore oil & gas projects. Our tags are UV resistant, water proof and tear resistant. Make sure your critical information stays legible and stands out by using a custom TUFFA™ Tag.
  • Tag Strength: TUFFA™ Tags are extremely tear-resistant and have been proven to withstand some of the harshest environments. If it’s worth tagging, you want to ensure that the tag stays intact. TUFFA™ Tags will not blow away.